Going offline

After some very busy weeks before Easter with a lot of different work in progress, I went completely offline during the Easter vacation. That was interesting to not read mails, tweets not being on Linkedin etc.

I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend and kids, spent a lot of time in the garden enjoying the amazing weather (and doing some gardening), I did running and sailing kayak and a I got lot more energy by doing this.

I spent time reading on my Kindle and the many books I had in the queue.


So reflecting on this, I plan to improve this small step in the future

  • To prioritize doing running and sailing Kayak much more frequent and going offline as a proven action


I also did improve my different techniques on managing incoming items in different queues and processing them in the optimal order with limited effort. I did some improvements on both the process and tools supporting this. More on this in a future post.


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