13 Advices from ALE2011 for Software Offshore

At ALE2011 I did a open space session with Alexey Krivitsky about “Share your stories and advice for not building walls in Software Offshore”. There was a lot of interesting stories from people both working onshore and offshore in different organizations. Without filtering or any additional comments, I will list the 13 advices that where suggested by the participants (I hope I got all reasonable correct).

13 Advices for not building walls in Offshore Software

  • See at your offshore teams as your own developers
  • Have the offshore teams working on projects and products and not only simple tasks
  • There have to be a change agent in the onshore organization on all level to facilitate the offshore setup
  • Have a Offshore coach to help the offshore team(s)
  • Have a very good Product Owner that understand working with agile and Scrum
  • Have small offshore teams
  • The Product owner must visit the offshore teams on a regular basis
  • Make sure everybody understands both the onshore and offshore culture
  • Hire a local agent to work offshore with same background as the offshore team
  • Involve the Offshore team before going agile
  • Do complete financial calculations before starting offshore
  • Build motivation and domain knowledge by showing the offshore teams how their software is used (the software they are developing)
  • Find a good offshore partner to have a long term relationship

Alexey is also capturing ideas, concepts etc. on http://www.scrumoffshore.net/ and I will start do some structured writing about “Offshore Software Patterns” for building a global system at http://blog.lean-agile.dk/offshorepatterns

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