ALE2011 – Hansei

The ALE2011 Unconference was last week, so now it is time for some Hansei.

The week before the Unconference, I got an upset in the back, so I had to have some intensive chiropractic treatments on Monday and Tuesday, before I could fly to ALE2011. At the Unconference I had to go to my room and lay down with my “Ice Pack” a couple of times during the day, and when I did a talk about Offshore Software Patterns, I was a bit afraid to move around on stage.

But the Unconference was GREAT. So many people from all over Europe with energy, passion and just wanted to share and discuss. I would not have missed it.

It is amazing how the teams have organized this event. Thanks!

What was good?

There was so many things that was great at this Unconference, some of the highlights that comes to my mind are

  • The was an Unconference
  • The combination of talks, open space and lightning talks, was a great blend
  • Dinner with a stranger, was a great way to meet new people and have time to know them better
  • 3 great keynotes, especially the one from Dave Snowden was inspiring and started a lot of reflecting
  • An amazing retrospective with about 200 people
  • All the sharing and discussions in between sessions, at lunch time and at the bar etc.
  • A lot of great people with interesting stories from all over Europe
  • All participants with deep practical experience in Agile

What should be reduced?

  • People with larger egos talking about what they have done and how good they were (there was only a few J)
  • I should have use the “The Law of Two Feet” and not staying at Open Space sessions when I felt it would be more valuable to go to another one
  • Some open space sessions where more “One man talking”, not people sharing and discussing

How could the Unconference be even better?

  • More sharing and stories related to Lean areas, since Agile was rather dominating
  • The retrospective round from each of the 8 groups (about 200 people) took a long time and the energy was going down. Rather we should have jumped directly to the “Remember the Future” exercise.
  • Have all the rooms at the same floor, so people are more co-located
  • More sharing of cases from different companies
  • Have more talks with pair-speakers from different countries

What did I bring home?

  • A lot of energy
  • Inspiration to start doing more writing
  • New friends from the ALE Network
  • A couple of new books to get on my Kindle
  • A nice PairCoaching mug, the right size for a double espresso (using it right now)
  • I want to learn more about the Cynefin model from Dave Snowden. It has already been on my reading backlog for a couple of years, but now I moved it up
  • I want to learn more about Beyond Budgeting and how it has been used in different companies

Whats next?

  • We will now boost the ALE|Denmark group even more and the goal for next meeting by end September is to create ideas for a product.
  • @HansBaggesen and I will do some Ale2011 Sharing sessions at Fujitsu DK
  • More reading, writing, sharing

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