Simple Scrum Test

Many team and organizations are talking about doing Scrum.

The Scrum Guide describes the basic rules of Scrum and it actually only takes 9 questions to answer if your are doing Scrum or not.

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If you can answer yes to all of the 9 questions, you are doing Scrum. Great. Many teams are doing some of them and still creates great software.

Still, Scrum can be played in so many different ways depending on context, the organization, products, projects etc. and Scrum can help you be more Agile. It can help creating Agility in the organizations to rapidly respond to new opportunities from customers and create emerging solutions with much higher business value. This also requires the Product Owner to think more on business value and Agility.

Based on my experience, many teams have challenges to do question no. 7 “Create a usable and potential releasable Increment every Sprint”. It requires a good infrastructure, good test automation and the Scrum Team working very well together as one synchronized unit sharing a strong Definition Of Done. Not trying to do too much, but doing what the whole team is capable of delivering. If not doing no. 7, the Product Owner can not rapidly respond to new opportunities and changes.

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