Scrum Day Europe 2013

ScrumDayEurope2013The second Scrum Day Europe took place on July 4th in Amsterdam (Netherland). There were several presentations from companies about how they have adopted Scrum across the enterprise and how the traditional organization structure and management changed. Larger companies like Philips (144 Scrum teams), SNS REAAL and PGGM talked about their experience adopting Scrum and Agile. Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester Research talked about how Agile has changed the Testing Excellence mindset and research indicated top benefits of working with Agile was “Improved Quality”, “Responsiveness to Change” and “Improved customer satisfaction”. Ken Schwaber and Gunther Verheyen from introduced “Agility Path” a continuous improvement framework for organizations to use to manage the adoption of Scrum, control the risks, and optimize its investment.

Edgar Von Zoelen from Philips talked about the change at Philips with currently 144 Scrum teams in multiple sites. One of the things that started the Agile Transformation at Philips was a flat-line in revenue and decreasing innovation. After they changed to work with Scrum and Agile, they could measure an increased revenue and innovation. Next step was to align more on the portfolio level.

SNS REAAL shared how they with great success started to used Scrum, Agile and Kanban techniques in different team. From the start, they really emphasized that it was organizational change and not just a new method. They have invested in training, team coaching, workshops, external coaching and created a group of internal Agile coached to make the agile transformation really stick in the culture. They now have 28 Agile teams and can see improved performance and results.

Capgemini talked about how they with success had used Scrum in a packaged based world for ERP implementations. Similar success have I seen at ScanJour with teams doing ESDH implementations.

Many of the companies presenting are now looking into more stable teams, which can solve different type of work. They are also trying to get the portfolio level more integrated into the team level. Another learning point was the change of the management role, to more focus on removing impediments for the system with Scrum teams and use more time on vision and strategy level.

See the presentations.

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