The Unused Potential and Principles in Scrum & Agile

This week I did a talk at the IT-People DK Speaker event about “Top 5 Unused Potential and Principles in Scrum & Agile”. The top 5 was based on the challenges I often see in different organisations and how many organisations understand and use Scrum and Agile in a very mechanical way just for isolated delivery. It took som extra time to get it down to a Top 5.

The top 5 Unused Potential and Principles in Scrum & Agile
1. Not consider the Agile Paradigme shift from Taylorism to an Environment for action with Empowered people
2. How Agile will change how to think about projects and how to manage work
3. Not knowing the reason for changing to Agile and trying to optimize only for efficiency
4. Not consider the Scrum stance about People to Employ Empiricism to optimize the value of their work
5. Agile and change in Culture

The theme on the event was “Project management, Estimation & Planning” and based on the other talks and talking with people during breaks, it seems there is still a huge trend to focus more on managing the work in progress with tools, estimation, advanced forecasting techniques etc. The focus on outcome, impact and what change we deliver should be much better.

Below is the presentation, maybe you can find some inspiration here?

At the end, I briefly talked about the change in culture and working in an Agile way, and many of the questions from participants was related to this topic.

Too often organisations don’t think about their current culture and the impact Agile will have on that culture. Depending on the current culture there can be many different paths against Agility.

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