TBR – Brain-based instruction and effective training


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In 2013 I went to Stockholm to participate in the Training from the BACK of the Room! (TBR) course with Sharon Bowman. I wanted to learn more about effective learning and how to improve my teaching, training and learning. Before the course, I already have read about TBR and used many of the techniques and principles in many courses and workshops. During the the TBR course, I really started to understand how important it is to involve and connect with learners from the beginning or even better before a course and do it many times during the course.

In all my training after the TBR course, I started to use many of the techniques and principles. There are three main principles/practices from the TBR course, that I always have in the back of my mind when facilitating or training:

  1. The 4Cs
  2. The Six Trumps
  3. Teach-Back Activities

The 4Cs

  • C1, Connections: Make connections with the current knowledge, goals and outcome from learners.
  • C2, Concepts: New information provided with many different ways supporting The Six Trumps.
  • C3, Concrete Practices: Learners practices the information or doing teach back activities.
  • C4, Conclusion: Learners evaluate and summarize what they have learned.

The Six Trumps

Movements trumps Sitting, Talking trumps Listening, Images trumps Words, Writing trumps Reading, Shorter trumps Longer, Different trumps Same.

Teach-Back Activities

Learners relate more to the information when they practice or teach back to others and is a very important activity to include for anchoring the new information in the brain.

I think the principles and techniques from TBR is a must have for every Agile Coach and will be a topic in the future “Professional Agile Coach” education, that I am creating.





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