ALE|CPH May 2011

A handfull of people found time on May 4th 2011 to meet at Fujitsu DK in Ballerup and discuss thoughts about vision for Ale chapter in Copenhagen (CPH). More people had indicated they could be interested, but had other priorities at the moment.

Participants: Lasse, Hans, Line (living in India), Mads


  1. Anyone going to XP 2011?
  2. ALE|CPH vision

From the metup
1. Anyone going to XP 2011
No one at the meetup had planed to go to XP 2011. 

2. ALE|CPH vision
We wanted this network to be different compared to other agile network in DK/CPH with limited activities  (like DAUG, Scrumforum CPH,…).We decided to iterate this process and have a 2nd iteration meeting in a few weeks time.
We see value, in the following
By more interaction with others in both DK and Europe, we want to share our practical experience and learn from others working with agile and lean. Not only learning from our own mistakes and successes.
Vision for ALE|CPH
  • Build a network around deep practical expertise with agile and lean
  • Involve people with lean experience outside the software domain
  • Have focus on distributed work challenges
  • Share our own experience and cases with other countries on Ale
  • Get experience from other countries on Ale
Some of the ideas we discussed at the meetup
  • Cross country review of cases / problems / ideas
  • Distributed meetings using an online meeting tool
  • Identify and discuss patterns and anti patterns in different context
  • Inviting people with deep practical experience in agile and lean to ALE|CPH chapter
  • Share practical cases in chapter meetings and learn more from others
Next step: 2nd meeting (2nd iteration) in end May before summer to discuss and finalize the vision for ALE|CPH. Mads will call for an online meeting.

ALE site:

You can read more about ALE in the linkedin group:

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